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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nongmaithem Dental Clinic


How do you feel when you meet a person of your hometown at a faraway place, the feeling of oneness, the feeling of belonging touches our heart and make us feel at home, and more comfortable in sharing our thoughts. In simple words we feel relaxed and more confident in speaking out our minds. They never misguide us, and we always feel more free and comfortable when we talk with someone from our home town when compared to someone from outside. But only few stand up, to help us and guide us far from home. 
Dr. Priyananda Nongmaithem from Keisampat, Imphal, Manipur has been running a dental clinic here in Delhi at Jeevan Nagar, New Delhi-14 for almost three (3) years. He has named his clinic as ‘Nongmaithem Dental Clinic’, Nongmaithem, which is his surname, he has named it so that the people living here from Manipur became aware that someone from their hometown is here to listened to them and, help them in all the possible ways he can. A multi special dental clinic with all the modern equipments, specialist in crown and breeds and all other dental related problems from fracture to surgery cases. For his dedication and superb work as a dentist he has been sponsored twice by Colgate Palmolive. He is also planning for providing free dental checkups here at a regular basis.  
Not only as a dentist, he has also contributed in many sport events both as a player and as a non-player as well. He has played football, sampak takrou and badminton at both state and, national level, and at present he is representing as Sampak takrou referee for Delhi state. He has also help a lot of players from his hometown by providing accommodation and financial help as well. He has also contributed by providing free dental checkups. Being a dentist and a sport person is far way different, when asked about this, he answered that his dream was always to become a great sport personality, he enter  medical line to earn a lively hood as there is very less opportunities for earning a lively hood as a sport person in Manipur. Manipur in spite of one of the most sport loving state in India cannot provide all the required facilities to the players, so the players have to struggle on their own. At this point how can it be changed or improved to provide all the modern equipments and facilities, his answer was very simple,” It can only be improve when the central government supports and provides all the required facilities and encourage them as well, not only this, there are other major factors which largely make’s life harder for the players, the present chaotic atmosphere, the present law and order system all contributed a lot in crushing the players down. Economic blockade, strikes, curfew, you name it and you will find it in every corner here”. In spite of all this threats, Dr Priyananda is still trying hard to uplift the players in all possible ways,  back at home(Manipur), he conduct a badminton tournament every year in his grandmother name; as ‘Leibak Leima Memorial badminton  tournament “ and at present he is also trying to groom young players in all possible ways.
Well, these are all he had done so far, what’s his future plan? Is he still going to stay arm to arm with both his clinic and love of sport? He is hoping to open a sport academy at his home town Manipur that also under the supervision of the central government and, wants to provide free medical checkup to all sports person and sponsored them as well. He also wants everyone to be aware of all the dental problems and its important in human body, he said that “Our teeth is one of the most important part of our body as it helps in digesting the foods we ate, which give us energy, so everyone should at least go twice a month for dental check up”. But many people don’t have enough time to visit the dentist, so what can they do in their day to day life which can helps in protecting their teeth? “it’s easy, what you have to do is follow only six steps, which in dentist term is known as ‘Six basic knowledge’, 1; brushed your teeth twice daily, once before sleeping and once after breakfast, 2; Avoid junk foods,3;Eat fresh green vegetables,4;Don’t used tooth picks,5;Proper diet and fresh fruits and6;Gurgle and massage your gums and teeth. Well this are all that we can do on our own in our daily routines, but we should visit a dentist at least twice a month to make sure our teeth are healthy enough.
Finally, any message for the upcoming young sport players; “yes, well never lose your heart even after facing defeats, instead think for trying harder next time, never used any unhealthy stuffs, try to know your weakness and keep on improvising there, always maintain discipline, practice regularly on time and try to remain fit and healthy”. Well that was the multi talented Dr.Priyananda, hope to see more of his unending and superb skills and his love for sports as well as his love for his state in the coming days.

            Excerpt from the interview taken by President [Chingangbam Prasanta]